About Franco

I'm a software developer with a foundation built on self-directed learning and recently formalized by a rigorous stint at Coding Dojo's Software Development Bootcamp. Specializing in C# through my Unity Programming Certification, I excel at creating engaging digital experiences. My Network+ certification underscores my capability in establishing robust network infrastructures, essential for today's interconnected systems.

As a student at Coding Dojo, I led a project with peers from varied backgrounds, showcasing my ability to unite diverse viewpoints towards a common goal. With expertise in Java, Python, JavaScript, and frameworks like React and Django, I am eager to apply my skills in a remote role that values innovation, quality, and the pursuit of knowledge.

With my background in IT, I leverage a lot of tools, services and resources to continue my on-going learning on security standards. I have taken an interest in memory-safe programming languages although it's a challenging path.

My Skills & Credentials

Unity3D Certified
WordPress Web Developer
Adobe Certified Professional
Unity3D Certified
WordPress Web Dev
Adobe Certified

Latest Projects

Fun Projects

Box Shooter*
Simple Solar System*
Roller Madness*
Firefox Add-ons
Directory Listing for GitHub Pages
* Caution, loud sounds, adjust speakers before clicking.

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